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What We Offer


Training That Lasts

"Doing a common thing uncommonly well brings success."


Whether your pet has trouble in the house, at the park, or socializing with other animals, our services cover the A to Z of dog training.  We believe in using balanced training to get the best results possible.  Whether you have a new puppy you want to start right or a severely aggressive dog you can no longer control, we have a program for you!  Browse our services to find the proper training for you.  Better yet, call us today to schedule your evaluation.  Our evaluations are valued at $100, which will be 100% reimbursed if you sign up for a program that day!


Meet And Greet

All new clients are required to complete a consultation.  Give us a call to schedule yours!  This consultation allows you to meet our trainers, talk about your dog's problems, and pick out the program that will best suit you!  Your consultation will either be at your home or at our facility.  The consultation location will depend on your issue with your dog and the weather for that day.  The consultation will last about an hour.  

boy and border collie

We will review your needs, budget, and schedule, and we will closely evaluate your dog's personality.  We love doing consultations.  It gives us a chance to meet your dog and see their behavior.  It also allows us to meet you and begin to build a friendship.  Building this relationship with our clients is extremely important for us and is part of how we excel in our training.  This evaluation is $100.

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Weekend Workshops

dog bitework

Clinics don't happen often, but when they do, they are a treat.  We occasionally put on one to three-day clinics on different topics.  Sometimes we have the class bring their dogs to get some training throughout the day; however, these Clinics are often more of a classroom setting.  One of our trainers will speak and demonstrate.  Some of our popular topics include but are not limited to Clicker Training, Trick Training, and Intro to Agility.  These Clinics make for a great way to learn new things to teach your dog and keep their mind sharp.


Learning Together

This is a great way to socialize, train your dog, and learn valuable pet owner skills simultaneously!  Group Classes are often an excellent choice for someone who just wants more vital obedience on their dog or puppy.  They are a cost-effective way to get the results you want.  These classes do require a little bit of work, though.  In our Group Classes, we give you the techniques and skills needed to train

puppy classes

your dog.  However, this is not a program where our trainers do all the training.  If you are looking for a program that requires less hands-on, we suggest our Board and Train programs!


Focused Training

One-on-one training with experienced trainers is a great way to zone in and focus on your goals with your dog.  With our Private Lessons, we offer a few different programs.  Like the Group Classes, focus on giving you the tools you need to train your dog.  

girl and golden retriever

We give you the tips and tricks required to meet your goals.  Unlike the Group Classes, you will get one-on-one sessions with your trainer, which is the little extra boost some dogs need.  Contact us today to book a lesson program!

girl and border collie puppy



The Board and Train program is fantastic for someone with a tight schedule.  Allowing our trainers to spend one on one time with your dog several times a day leads to great results!  When your dog is in one of our Board and Train programs, they stay at our facility full-time for the program.  Your dog gets one on one time with our trainer's multiple times throughout the day.  This program receives longer-lasting results more quickly!  When your dog stays with us for their Board and Train, they get their own kennel with supervised doggy playtime in our large, fenced yards.


Angels With Paws

Service dogs are amazing creatures that have helped lots of people.  Service dogs can be used to help with many different disabilities.  We have seen the fantastic benefits from Service Dogs in the homes of people with autism, anxiety, depression, mobility/stability issues, and much more.  Service dogs can assist in many tasks and maybe a massive help for you or a loved one.  Click the link to find out more about our service dog program.  

service dogs in public
German shepherd puppy

Design a Dog

Perfection Start to Finish

We have a program that takes the stress out of getting a new dog!  Depending on the level you choose you can have us help you choose the perfect breed, breeder, and puppy!  If training intimidates you as well, you can even sign up to have us either train the puppy ourselves or give you weekly lessons to help you get your puppy the best life possible and get you the best-mannered dog possible!  A dog you can control is a dog you can give freedom and who doesn't want freedom?!

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