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Behavior Modification

Fixing the Broken

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Dogs fighting

You have probably sought out the help of friends, family, vets, other dog trainers, or anyone who has remotely any experience with dogs.  You have probably searched high and low, looking for a solution for your dog.  If you are like anyone else who has a dog with a behavior problem, you probably wouldn’t be reading through the pages of our website if you found something helpful.  However, here at Caspian Canine, we have the knowledge and experience to help even the most complex behavior modification case out there.  Our love for dogs and people gives us a strong calling to help others with their dogs who don’t have perfect behavior.  If the previous sentences sound anything like you or what you are looking for, continue reading!

What is Behavior Modification?

Behavior Modification is a term used when fixing a dog’s behavior or actions that are unacceptable or unsafe to others.  Often these cases are dogs who have a bite history, whether it’s from fear or dominance.  Behavior Modification can also be for dogs who have shown any form of minor aggression (ex: growling, lunging, barking, etc.).  There are many types of aggression, fear, dominance, possessive, protective, maternal, and territorial.  Although they often appear to be similar, they all have different root causes and require other treatments.

puppy growling

Our Programs

Since there are so many forms of aggression, we don’t have one set program that is an end-all-be-all for behavior modification.  We work case by case so that each dog gets the most out of the training.  This allows us to essentially build a program that fits your dog’s needs exactly!

dog lunging

Our Experience

From a very young age, Sophia, our head trainer, experienced owning and meeting dogs with all sorts of behavior issues.  She has had a dog with dog aggression and another dog with dominance aggression.  Having these dogs made it hard to get doggie playdates together or go out in public comfortably.  However, after lots of experience with these dogs and then seeing how to fix these problems using science-based balanced training successfully, Sophia can now comfortably take the unmanageable dog and turn them into the unimaginable dog!  Sophia also now takes both of her (once aggressive) Border Collies with her EVERYWHERE! 

dogs fighting

Whats Next?

After reading through this page, if you believe you have a dog in need of behavior modification, you may be wondering what to do next!  Head on over to our Contact Us page to get in touch and schedule a behavior evaluation.  One of our head trainers will come to your home to meet with you and your dog during this evaluation.  We will discuss your dog and the best way to go about helping your struggling dog.  We will also take some time to meet your dog and see what’s going on with our own eyes.  This is an hour-long evaluation.  We do charge $100 for it, BUT if you sign up for a program that day, the $100 will go directly towards the program's cost, essentially giving you a free evaluation!  So, give us a call!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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