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Learning Together

“Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel.”

puppy group class

Group Classes are a fantastic way to get your dog well socialized and learn tremendous dog training techniques.  We offer multiple classes on lots of different topics.  Our classes are so much fun and a great way to learn.  Most of our Group Classes run for about six or seven weeks.  You will listen and talk to our professional dog trainers and lots of other students who have various dog training experiences during the classes.  Keep reading to get more info on some of the different Group Classes we must improve your dog training skills! With our classes, we will give you skills to teach your dog to obey even without a treat in hand!  These programs are an excellent option for someone who wants to train their dog; however, it will require hard work.  We provide support and techniques to train your dog and meet your goals in a group setting.

german shorthair pointer



These puppy training classes are designed for puppies from eight weeks up to five months.  We will cover puppy raising, socialization, clicker training, and basic obedience.  This is seven-week course allows excellent for someone looking to start their puppy off right!  It is so important to get a puppy started in the right direction from the very beginning.  So much can go wrong from day one.  Puppies get away with so much at such a young age because they are innocent but just remember, if it isn't cute at one hundred pounds, it's not cute when they're five pounds either.



This is the perfect class to get some basic obedience on your adult dog.  This class is for dogs five months and older.  We will go over socialization, clicker training, and basic obedience.  After this course, your dog will know how to complete our six foundational commands sit, down, heel, come, place, and stay, without treats!  Our six-week class is the perfect solution to train an old dog new tricks and get fido off the couch!  

lab-pit mix
off leash border collie



This class is part two of the Basic Obedience class.  In Advanced Obedience, we work on off-leash skills.  This is a seven-week class and is great to sharpen your canine's obedience skills.



At only $15 a week, we offer a class for kids eight to eighteen years old!  It is a thirteen-week class to prepare for the summer.  We start in March and go into June.  We will work on basic obedience, agility, and showmanship.  This is the perfect class for a kid who wants to get into 4-h or AKC events.  Our courses are fun and exciting.  Kids learn lots of skills in training and handling their dogs.  Not only is this a great way to improve dog training and handling techniques, but kids also learn lots of essential life skills such as responsibility, professionalism, and cooperation.

boy and dog
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