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My Dog Is Hot, Should I Cut Their Fur?

The Guide to Single and Double-Coated Dogs

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

It is mid-summer, not really but pretend with me. You just got back from a long walk with Fido, and he can't seem to cool down. He has been panting and panting. You notice how long his coat is and think, if I give him a haircut, it will help tremendously. STOP! Before you cut your dog's fur, read this post!

Many people take their dogs to the groomer for a haircut. Some do it to stop shedding, others to cool their dog down, and others want Fido to look nice for the holidays. All of those are fine; however, depending on your dog's coat type, the favor you think you are doing for your dog may not be a favor at all! Today, we will discuss some reasons you might not want to shave your dog's coat. So, follow me; let's dive right in!

labradoodle puppy

Before deciding whether to shave your dog's coat or not, you need to determine if your dog has a single coat or double coat? Many dogs like Poodles, Schnauzers, and Yorkshire Terriers have single coats or hair! As odd as it seems, yes, like real hair, the same type of hair you have on your head! This hair will grow and grow if it is not cut. It is all the same density and does not have a certain length it will get to before it stops growing. Dogs with hair also do not shed!

So, now that we have talked about single coats let's talk about double coats! Double coats are essential for some dogs. Common breeds with double coats are border collies, huskies, and golden retrievers. This double coat is a built-in weather repellent. It is made to trap warm air to keep the dogs warm in the winter. The top layer of this coat also acts as a reflector for the sun and water! I also must add, dogs with double coats do shed!

Now that we have decided whether your dog has a single or double coat, we are ready to move on. In the following text, we will discuss why you shouldn't shave your double-coated dog's fur. If you are still unsure about your dog's coat type, you can go to google to find your answer, or feel free to reach out to Caspian Canine for more help! You can also refer to this article ( for more details!

Reason number one that people shave their dogs to keep them cool in the summer. As stated in the previous example, if you have a dog with long fur in the summer, it may seem obvious they need a summer hairdo. But that is not necessarily true!

Dogs with double coats have them for a reason. They were typically bred for it depending on the job they had and where they originated. As stated before, they are a built-in weather repellant. The bottom layer of the double coat is used to trap in warm air to keep them warm in the chilly weather. The second layer of the double coat has a couple of different uses. When it is healthy, it is typically shiny. This shiny top layer helps reflect the sun. So, when you remove the topcoat in shaving, it not only stops reflecting the sun, making them hotter, but it also gives them a chance to get overheated and sunburned! Along with being a sun reflector, it is also a wind, rain, and snow repellant. Even though dogs can still get wet and cold, this top layer of the double coat keeps out a lot of the nasty weather!

matted and wet dog

The next myth is that shaving stops shedding. Once again, if you have a dog with a single coat, this does not apply to you since dogs with single coats don't typically shed. However, dogs with a double coat do shed, regardless of if it is short or long! While it may seem obvious that if you cut your dog's fur, they will stop shedding, this is not valid! It is kind of like owning dogs; whether you own one dog or ten dogs, you are still a dog owner! Whether you shave your double-coated dog or not, you still have a dog that sheds!

The final point we are going to hit on to shave or not to shave today is matting. I cannot deny that shaving a dog down will get rid of mats. However, shaving a dog down can also cause permanent damage to the fur. When it grows back, the dog will not have as good an insulator as it once had. The fur will grow back wipsy and thin.

Although this may seem like more of a visual downfall, it can affect the dog too! Like I said before, shaving the dog down can cause a double-coated dog to overheat or be not so protected from the weather. Sometimes this damage can be permanent.

dog grooming

Now that we have gone through our three points, you may wonder what options there are other than shaving your dog down. For those looking to cool their pup down, you can offer iced water to drink, a kiddie pool filled with water to play in, or a cooling mat found on Amazon. If you are looking to stop shedding, I have bad news: there isn't a way to completely stop shedding. However, if your dog is shedding way too much, you can investigate getting some nice brushes so you can brush out your dog a couple of times a week. This should help tremendously. However, if you don't have the time to do this, you can also take your dog to a groomer and ask them just to brush them out. Consistent grooming and occasional bathing help to control shedding a lot! If you are fighting mats, you can, like those who are looking to control shedding, start grooming once or twice a week. If it is hard to stay up on the mats, you can trim out big ones with scissors.

So, we have finally made it through! I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are a dog owner struggling with hot dogs, shedding, or mats, I wish you the best of luck. Please contact Caspian Canine with any questions. However, if we happen to catch a dog owner to-be, we highly suggest doing as much research as possible about your future dog. Every detail matters, even coat types!

Thank you for joining us on this week's blog post! Keep a lookout for our next post! Happy Sunday!

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